Mrs. Dinsmore’s Music Class


Ready for Music!

In music class, students from PreK to 5th Grade will develop and improve their listening skills, fine motor movements, confidence, and creativity.

Students will be:
- listening
- reading music
- writing music
- singing
- dancing
- playing instruments
- giving and receiving peer feedback
- making connections to others and the world
- preparing for concerts
- preparing for Mass and Prayer Services


In December, Kindergarten-5th grade students will present a Christmas Concert. Pre-K students will present their own Christmas Concert.
Students in grades K-5 will also present a Spring Concert.

About the Teacher

Mrs. Dinsmore graduated with a Bachelor's in Music Education from SUNY Fredonia in 2020. She has been teaching music lessons and musical theater since 2015. Brynna has been involved in the music community in Rochester her whole life. She has participated in musical theater and directed through Terry Fyke's Main St. Players. She has played events in bands and taught music lessons and camps with Bach to Rock Penfield. Mrs. Dinsmore loves helping students to be creative and express their ideas through music. Students in her class will do lots of dancing to connect listening and movement, and learn about music from all around the world.


Virtual Classroom
Visit my virtual classroom for extra online music activites and goals for the year!